Eucalyptus: leafy, minty and oh-so fragrant.

Koalas love it. Aromatherapy fans love it. We love it.

Eucalyptus: it’s calming and compelling, but there’s so much more to it than its chill-seeking, mind-clearing properties. This cool, collected note is an instant refresher, with just a hint of sweetness. And when paired with another mint? You get our super-popular scent Eucalyptus Spearmint. Ahead, you’ll find our love letter to eucalyptus…and basically all the reasons we come back to it again and again.

It’s from the land down under. Typically grown and harvested in Australia, eucalyptus oil eventually made its way across the globe and onto a pharmacist’s shelves. It contains a specific element called eucalyptol – an ingredient that’s believed to have soothing properties. But eucalyptus has come a long way since its strictly clinical origins: now it’s an aromatherapy superstar…and utterly unique fragrance note.

It’s a little minty. And it’s really cool, super fresh, plus it can have a sweet or lemony twist (or both!). We love a great minty scent for instantly waking up your senses, all while giving you that super-refreshed feeling. Think the invigorating cool of a minty gum paired with fact you can take this note with you anywhere and you have it.

It goes well with greenery. The combo of cool eucalyptus and a pure minty scent is one of our favorites, but it totally pairs well with other leafy, flowery and citrusy fragrances. And of course, in aromatherapy, we love it with relaxing, refreshing tones that help ground you.

It’s really refreshing. Cool and collected, this fragrance has your back. The scent leaves you in a super-relaxing, just-finished-yoga sort of mood. Like other minty babes, it’s hard not to feel instantly chill when you’re around this fragrance. Especially because…

It clears your mind. We love our Eucalyptus Spearmint line after the end of a long day. In fact, it’s basically stress relief in bottle. We’re always spritzing a little pillow mist right before bed (pro-tip: breathe deeply and relax) and we’ll always recommend our body scrub to kick off bath-time right. Plus, when you finish with the matching body lotion, you’ll take those chill vibes with you everywhere.

And we can’t get enough of it. Even though eucalyptus has been a staple since the 1800s, we love how this classic note continues to feel fresh and new. Whether it’s taking center stage in the world of aromatherapy or playing a cool supporting role to other mints and greens, we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon – and that’s a very, very good thing.

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