GDPR - User Data Deletion

How is my information used?

Boots uses your information to improve your experience. Our systems will not utilize your data for marketing or advertising purposes.

To learn more about how this information is used, please visit our privacy policy page.

What information is stored?

The following details are stored under your account.

- Your primary/alternative address details

- Debit/credit card details

How can I delete my information?

You can delete your stored information at any time by following the steps below.

Address details

Login → My Account/Profile Icon → Address Book → Delete

Please note that your primary delivery address cannot be deleted

Debit/Credit card details

Login → My Account/Profile Icon → Payment Cards → Delete

Can I cancel my account information deletion?

Once you have submitted the request to delete any stored information, the process cannot be canceled.

You can always add your address or debit/credit card details again under “My Account” for a seamless shopping experience.