Your favorite essential oil blends.Our new aromatherapy formulas.

We’ve got some news that’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood. The self-care essentials you can’t live without just got a makeover—and we’re not just talking about the pretty packaging. From what’s in to what’s out, here’s everything you need to know about our new aromatherapy formulas.

The ingredients

What’s in

They say it’s what’s inside that counts…and these blends deliver. Check out some of our favorite skin-loving ingredients below. (Be sure to check the package or the product page to see which ingredients are in each form!)

  • Vitamin E: Known to nourish and condition skin. Basically, it’s a skincare hero.
  • Shea and cocoa butter: Known to smooth, soften, soothe and moisturize skin. Talk about an overachiever.
  • Hyaluronic acid: Known to hydrate, moisturize and soften skin. Tough to type, easy to love.
  • Aloe: Known to soothe, refresh and hydrate. What can’t it do?
  • Natural essential oils: Extracted from plants, they’re the highly concentrated essence of fruits, flowers, herbs and trees—and they’re in all of our new formulas.
Aromatherapy Body Care Assortment at Bath and Body Works

What's out

We know what’s not in our products is just as important to you as what’s in them. That’s why you won’t find any of these in our new formulas:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Artificial dyes
Body Care at Bath and Body Works

The fragrances

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Eucalyptus oil clears the mind. Spearmint oil soothes and uplifts.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Fragrance at Bath and Body Works

Orange Ginger

Orange oil invigorates and uplifts. Ginger oil energizes your senses.

Orange Ginger Fragrance at Bath and Body Works

Lavender Vanilla

Lavender oil inspires tranquility. Vanilla absolute calms the mind to encourage relaxation.

Lavender Vanilla Fragrance at Bath and Body Works

Eucalyptus Tea

Eucalyptus oil clears the mind. Tea extract calms feelings of uncertainty.

Eucalyptus Tea Fragrance at Bath and Body Works

Black Chamomile

Chamomile oil creates a sense of well-being. Bergamot oil calms the mind and body.

Black Chamomile Fragrance at Bath and Body Works

The products

Self-care starts here

Everything you need for every step of your self-care routine? We’ve got you. For a full list of forms, check out our aromatherapy page. (We have even more good stuff like shampoo and conditioner.)

  • Moisturizing body lotion: Lightweight, fast-absorbing, hydrating. Your go-to.
  • Ultimate hydration body cream: Rich and luxurious, it provides intense hydration to relieve dry skin for 24-hour moisture.
  • Body wash and foam bath: Gently cleanses without drying to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. A me-time must.
  • Sugar body scrub: Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Makes for the ultimate bath ritual.
  • Essential oil mist: Fragrances your skin, makes every shower a little more luxe and freshens up pillow and linens.
Aromatherapy Product Assortment at Bath and Body Works